Kruger Canoes    crafted by Paddlers For Paddlers

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His passion for paddling and extensive knowledge and experience was gained from paddling over 100,000 miles (more than any other man in the world) and creating over 40 different canoe prototypes.  A World War II veteran, plumber, photographer, author, lecturer, and family man, Verlen Kruger was an adventurer at heart and a true visionary for canoe design and craftsmanship.  His legacy lives on in each canoe we hand craft the way he intended them to be built.

“My Canoes are designed to be the ultimate tripping canoe. A top of the line expedition specialist. The combination of all the unique features make my boat as comfortable, efficient, seaworthy and convenient as any canoe or kayak that ever parted the waters.”

- Verlen Kruger

Kruger Canoes is dedicated to the high quality production of Verlen’s line of canoes exactly the way he intended them to be built.  Strength, durability and comfort will always be our guiding principles as we continue to bring you, and future generations, Verlen’s masterpiece.

Each canoe is hand crafted using the best quality materials to achieve Verlen’s high standards for performance and durability.  Whether you choose the Sea Wind, the Dreamcatcher or the Kruger Cruiser, you can rest assured that Kruger Canoes are able to navigate oceans, lakes and rivers in comfort and safety resulting in a pleasurable and rewarding expedition experience. 

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